Isagenix Thrilled to Announce Sponsorship of Colombian National Football Pro Edwin Cardona

Edwin Cardona is not just a talented professional soccer player – he’s a husband, father of three, and one of the newest members of the Isagenix family, joining us as a sponsored athlete through our professional athlete sponsorship pilot program. Cardona, who is only 24 years old, has made a name for himself in both Colombia and Mexico as an intelligent and dynamic midfielder/forward. Cardona currently plays for one of the top clubs in the Mexican professional league, Club Monterrey, Continue reading →

Don’t miss this event! Buy your tickets and come to Isagenix University Mexico

On November 21 we are going to join you and learn with you in the Isagenix University. Buy your tickets now throughout your virtual office (ABO) or contact your local Isagenix office at 01800 800 5151. Ticket price $400.00* (Mexican pesos) per person. *Food not included “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn” – Benjamin Franklin   Continue reading →

You can be part of Latin America Isagenix History – 17 October

We’re about to reveal amazing news that will impact your business in a big way. And guess what? You’re already accumulating points* to help you qualify. It’s all part of a special announcement that will be shared during the Colombia Celebration this coming Saturday October 17th 2015. We want to share this opportunity with all Associates in Colombia and Mexico, so if you’re not able to attend the Colombia Celebration in Bogota, be sure to tune in to the special Colombia Celebration Continue reading →

Mexico Celebration 2015 Event Recap

Celebration 2015 was an action-packed two day event in Mexico City. More than 420 people were in attendance for exciting product training and announcements about how Isagenix is expanding its reach throughout Mexico and other Latin American communities. In an effort to greater achieve the Isagenix mission of positively impacting world health as set forth by our founders, Isagenix announced plans to launch an updated product line in March 2016 for all of Latin America. The updated product line Continue reading →

The Road to Success: Creating Your Vision Board

If you have a big goal, it’s only a matter of time before the going gets tough—that’s when a vision board can remind you of your end goal and help keep you on the road to success! A vision board is a collection of inspirational images and items that reinforce your reason for taking on a particular goal. The most important factor in reaching your goals is a powerful purpose, or “Why.” At Isagenix, we believe that you can achieve what you dare to dream! But, you need the right tools Continue reading →